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insytz presents investment data differently, by leveraging over 80 years of historic curated market data. Our unique and proprietary algorithms, models, and dashboards enable members to follow the patterns of the markets, track trends, and understand how the global markets ebb and flow.

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insytz is a fintech company that specializes in bringing clarity to the global markets.
We provide market education, awareness, and tools for members to identify their own investment opportunities, validate their own strategies, and act with confidence.

We provide the visual data, context, and insights.
You decide how to use it.

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Meet our founders

insytz is powered by experts.

Jay Samuels

Principal and Chief Strategist

As the mind behind insytz, Jay’s passion is creating visualization tools and dashboards for aspiring and seasoned investors and wealth managers, so they can better understand the complex global markets. Compelled by his desire to study how savvy investors developed their edge, Jay created a suite of easy-to-understand visual dashboards, so investors and wealth managers can improve their investment acumen and develop their respective edge. With a background in finance, computer science, accounting, investing, business growth, and global planning and strategy, Jay is bringing his multifaceted knowledge and passion to insytz.

Paul Sherman

Principal and CFO

With a career as a Chief Financial Officer among other leadership positions, Paul thrives in corporate financial complexity. However, as an investor of his family’s money, he has always been uncomfortable with the myriad of complex choices, leading him to rely on guidance from external advisors. Paul is excited about how insytz is visually simplifying the complex markets and providing context, awareness, and insights for all external advisors and investors (including himself) and helping them grow their confidence.

Brent Alvord

Principal and COO

Having held diverse executive leadership positions across finance, operations, and sales, Brent is deeply committed to positively impacting businesses and individuals. He believes that insytz can be the ultimate game-changing tool for everyone. Brent is thrilled to bring the power of insytz with its meticulously curated and insightful perspectives to both novice and seasoned investors.

Bryan Ross

Principal and CTO

Ideas are only as valuable as their application. Bryan has built his career around bringing ideas to life by turning complex problems into easy-to-use solutions. He uses his passion for technology to find innovative ways to create value for insytz members.

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