A New Way to See the Markets

A new way to see the markets

Invest with confidence

Whether you’re a new investor or a seasoned professional, the tendency to invest your money and let it sit is prevalent. We grit our teeth through downturns, hoping the markets will reverse and trend up again. But what if you could visualize the markets and see where they’ve been, to inform where they might be headed? For the first time ever, you can. 

What we do

Visualize the markets

Unveiling the Secrets of Global Markets

It’s time to demystify the global markets — we’re insytz, and that’s what we do.

Revolutionizing Data Display with Eight Decades of Historic Market Activity

Display data differently by leveraging over 80 years of historic curated market data.

Wealth Preservation and Generation in Any Market

insytz helps members to preserve and generate wealth, over time, during all market environments.

Visualize, Contextualize, Decide: Your Data Empowerment

We provide the visual data, context, and insights — you decide how to use it.

insytz in numbers

Comprehensive data synthesized so you can understand the context.



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What you get

See how the markets move

Our Algorithms Track Trends, Facts, and Unbiased Insights

Our unique proprietary algorithms, models, and dashboards enable members to follow the patterns of the market, track trends, and unbiased facts, to understand how the global markets ebb and flow.

We Help You Invest with Confidence: Tools, Education, and Strategies Tailored for You

insytz provides market education, awareness, and tools for members to identify their own investment opportunities, validate their own strategies, and to act with more confidence.

Witness Global Moves: Real-Time Insight into Market Dynamics

Members see critical market movements across all global markets and asset classes as those movements unfold.

See the market regimes differently

We can talk Bear and Bull all day, but knowing how the markets move — uptrends, sideways, downtrends, and back again — is what will give you the edge.

March 2, 2020

insytz would have exited the S&P 500 and invested in T-Bills

June 3, 2020

insytz would have invested in the S&P 500

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